Although it is located in the lands between Antalya and Fethiye, where the Lycian Civilization was inhabited approximately 3000 years ago and where countless cities were established, there are no city residences or settlements in Kalkan and its vicinity.Therefore, 200 years before Kalkan is believed to have been founded by merchants from Meis Island. While it was an ancient Greek fishing village called Kalamaki (Beautiful Bay) until the 1920s, it was discovered by British and bohemian tourists in the early 1980s. This town, which serves as an important harbor, creates an incredible natural wonder with its magnificent bays between the Taurus Mountains that run perpendicular to the sea. With its whitewashed stone houses, traces of Ottoman-Greek architecture, narrow streets descending to the harbor, the turquoise sea, the bazaar where all kinds of souvenirs are sold, the charming yacht marina, and above all, with its friendly and hospitable people it is the perfect choice for your holiday.




Kalamar Villas | Lycian Escapes

One of our favourite spots with views from most properties out to Mouse and Snake Island. Kalamar Bar is a 20-minute walk from the old town (5-minute taxi ride) and feels a little quieter with a handful of good restaurants and beach clubs.

Kiziltas Villas | Lycian Escapes

If you’re looking for impressive views then take a look at the villas in Kiziltas, the name given to the area sitting above the main D400 road. The elevation of the hillside gives a complete view over Kalkan Bay and the islands lying off the coast. We would suggest walking down to town of an evening but grabbing a taxi back to avoid the uphill trek!

Villa in Kisla Bay Kalkan | Lycian Escapes

Further round the bay from Komurluk and with a small choice of beach clubs and restaurants, Kisla is an easy water taxi ride (although you can of course go by car) into the harbour.


A 10 to 15-minute walk from the old town but close to supermarkets, banks and restaurants at the top end of town this is the area below the D400. Some villas higher up will have views over the bay.


A 2-minute taxi drive from the old town and thought of as perhaps one of the most prestigious areas of Kalkan, Komurluk has stunning views over Kalkan Bay and as it faces West, benefits from the most amazing sunset views.

Yeşilköy Villas | Lycian Escapes

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